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Top 10 Soft Drink Brands in the World

Soft drinks are something we all love – whether it’s a party, a formal or informal get together, a house meet – soft drinks are the best go-to option. So here are the top 10 soft drink brands in the world, which you should know:

  • Coca-Cola:
    That’s all that has gained the reputation of being the best soft drink brand in the world. Apart from its very own coke, Coca-Cola has around 500 drinks which it markets all around the world. A widespread presence in 200 countries, there has been no turning back for Coca-Cola!

  • Pepsi:
    Tapping the potential of aerated drinks, Pepsi came in with its host of flavours and won the hearts of people not with only with the flavours but also with the low calories!
  • Red Bull:
    Does it even need an introduction – the brand and its tagline says it all – Redbull gives you wings. It is the most popular energy drink in the world.
  • Gatorade:
    Who knew that a lime drink that was created to suffice the needs of the football team Gatos, would become one of the most popular brands of soft drinks in the world?
  • Sprite:
    No one can ever say an outright NO to this bright green bottle that’s filled with lime flavoured colourless soft drink. A hit-seller from Coca-Cola!

  • Mountain Dew:
    The rugged look of the Mountain Dew bottle will make all those adventure junkies out there pick one and gulp it down right away! The packaging is what struck a chord with the audience – and it continues to rule!
  • Fanta:
    A Coca-Cola product with its origin in Germany, the bright orange drink is a favourite among little kids. It too comes in a host of other fruit-based flavours which are loved by all!
  • Tropicana:
    A Pepsi-Co product, Tropicana has forayed into the market with it’s aerated and real fruit-based drinks, which have floored us all!

  • Minute Maid:
    The cutesy little bottles filled with juices that taste like heaven – that’s Minute Maid for you! Again a masterpiece from the Coca-Cola company!
  • Lipton:
    Although it’s a popular Green Tea brand, Lipton has now ventured into the market with its range of health drinks – and we cannot wait to see what’s unfolding!