14 things you didn’t know about Cheerwine

Here’s a list of 14 interesting, surprising and unique facts about Cheerwine – or shall we say, ‘The Nectar from North Carolina?’

  • How many of you who guzzle down bottles of Cheerwine knew that a family-owned business manufactures Cheerwine? Well, the founder L.D Peeler passed away way back in1931, but the business has been still kept alive and thriving by the family. Currently, Cliff Ritchie the founder’s great-grandson runs the company.
  • The same flavour of Cheerwine has been replicated in Cheerwine doughnuts – so that you can eat Cheerwine too!
  • A bakery in NorthCarolina has gone a step ahead with Cheerwine ice creams and cream bars. Also, you would find some fantastic Cheerwine cakes in the local bakeries here.




  • It was the world’s very first bottled cherry soda – the rest of the popular brands came in later!
  • The Legend’s have sponsored two Avett brothers concert in North Carolina – and the fact that people are looking forward to a third one eagerly proves that it was indeed, a gala time!
  • Cheerwine isn’t wine – it’s just soda with a hint of cherry flavour. But one sip and you’ll know why it’s called Cheerwine!
  • Cheerwine was the outcome of LD’s desperate attempts to bring into market something cherry flavoured – after observing how crazy people were over this particular flavour.
  • The three-cherry design on every bottle of Cheerwine has been drawn from the gambler’s lucky sign!


  • Cheerwine was enjoyed only by the North Carolinians – Cheerwine expanded to South Carolina in the late ’90s!
  • President Eisenhower was a massive fan of Cheerwine – for him, it was love at first sip!
  • Cheerwine’s carbonated to the extent that modern-day drink machines couldn’t handle its level of carbonation! The traditional soda fountains were hunted down – just to ensure that people could continue enjoying Cheerwine!
  • It was in 2017 that all 50 states of the US were privileged to relish this renowned drink!
  • Apart from the Nectar of North Carolina, Cheerwine is also known as the Legend.
  • Carolina Beverage Corporation was first Maysville Syrup Corporation – which went bankrupt and was purchased by LD Peeler, who gave it the name CBC.