CONGRATULATIONS!! CHEERWINE has given birth to healthy little baby CHEERWINES 🙂 They weigh in at 10oz., and are just as cute and bubbly as their momma and daddy!

WOW!!! I smile everytime I see these bottles. If you remember these classics then you’re probably smiling right now also. It was just a great time to enjoy CHEERWINE!!

Here are some great oldies but goodies!! Each of these bottles vary in release date during CHEERWINE’S history, however the bottle in the middle is probably the most recognizable of them all today. It was released in a commemerative 75th anniversary bottle (#4) marking CHEERWINE’S 75 years of bringing good cheer. These bottles also show CHEERWINE’s transition into using painted labels. Today this “Reproduction Paper label” bottle can still be found in stores throughout North Carolina, and is a must for any CHEERWINE collector.

In 2004, CHEERWINE expanded to Norway, marking the first growth of CHEERWINE outside the US. The 4 bottles above are CHEERWINE bottles from Norway that our new fans over there get to enjoy. I would like to thank Dag in Norway for sending me these great items. He is nice guy, and really helps me with my CHEERWINE collecting.

These are the bottles of today. During promotional contests, the logo of the current contest is added to the top left of the label. “Win A Wad” and “Crave Factor” are just a few examples.

Over the years, the use of unique bottles helps CHEERWINE stand out from all the other soft drinks. The bottle on the left is a rare 10 oz., and bottles #3 & #4 are the newest retro bottles.

I am so excited to share with you some great cans of CHEERWINE past!! Below is a neat look at CHEERWINE cans from over the years. From steel cans, to the cans we enjoy today, it is so neat to see the growth CHEERWINE has made over the years. I truly hope you enjoy this look down memory lane!!

Each of these cans reflect a great time period in CHEERWINE history. From my childhood to today, I smile everytime I see these oldies and I am sure all of you other CHEERWINE fans feel the same way. On my “About Me” page I have a photo of the first place I bought a CHEERWINE. It was called Mike’s Mart in Albemarle, NC and I can not begin to tell you how much money I spent in that store buying CHEERWINE! I am sure I kept him in business for a long time :-). But sadly, the store closed many years later and today it is a daycare center. But I guess that is the great thing about having memories….they will never go away. It is so funny because everytime I ride by that building, I still see myself going in with my pocket full of change and buying my CHEERWINE. Those sure were some great times. If you grew up in the 70’s & 80’s then you are going to love my tribute to KISS on one of my “Oldies” pages. As a small kid, there was nothing better than CHEERWINE and KISS back in those days. To this day, I feel bad for embarassing my parents with all my KISS t-shirts and loud music coming from my bedroom! LOL 🙂 I am sure that my new little girl, Brianna, will return the favor one day! 🙂