Welcome to my Cheerwine Bottle’s & Can’s page

Cheerwine is a soft drink that is flavored with cherry. It exists for more than 100 years and has a great history behind its making. This is one of the oldest drinks, and it is available in big part of the southeastern United States. It is best known in Virginia and the Carolinas, and it is even available for online purchase. This drink goes with all kind of food, but it is extremely popular at barbeques. This North Carolina nectar is well known in the Southeast, where there is no person unfamiliar with its black cherry, sweet, bliss. Cheerwine name, although it has the word “wine” in it, has nothing to do with the alcohol. Its name comes from the color (burgundy) and that special cheerfulness taste. It was the first bottled cherry soda, and it is a legend.


Come with me, as we go back in time and enjoy some great oldies of Cheerwine past us all so much adore. From 1917 to today, Cheerwine has been such a rich part of North Carolina history and peoples hearts. As we take this nostalgic stroll down memory lane, I hope these pages of bottles and cans bring back to you some great memories.

The first bottles

Cheerwine fans, these two bottles above take us back to the very beginning of this historic drink. The one on the left is a smooth sided bottle embossed with “CW” on the neck and Cheerwine at the base. The bottle to the right is best known as the “Cherries” bottle. With its bold cherries on the neck, it also has Cheerwine at the base. Some Carolinians think the “Cherries” bottle was the very first Cheerwine bottle made. However it was not. The very first bottle was a Mint Cola bottle with a Cheerwine paper label.

The big reason for the “Cherries” bottle to be thought of as the first bottle is because it is the only one that has been seen or touched. Only a few paper labels have been found from the first bottles, along with an old sign that has the paper label bottle on it. Other than that, very little information has been passed down about its history. The “Cherries” bottle came shortly after. However it was only produced for about seven months because the cherries were very hard to produce without breaking. Cheerwine went to the “CW” logo because it was easier to emboss, which made a production run more smoothly. I would love to be able to go back in time and enjoy a Cheerwine out of either one of these old classic bottles.


Since the “CW” bottle was introduced, it has become a classic. It’s embossing is distinct and is commonly called the “8 sided bottle.”

The “CW” bottles above sure have left a lasting mark with their unique style. They came in different sizes, a 6oz, and also a six 1/2oz size. There are also many different cities on the bottom that makes it fun trying to collect them all. I even have one from Texas and a few of the clear ones! I hope everyone will go to the message board on the main page and post the cities they have, so we can get an idea of how many are truly out there. Thanks to everyone for enjoying a Cheerwine with me.


This Cheerwine bottle may very well be the most widely known. When it first came out, it did not have the white background around the logo as seen on the left. The one on the right is the most common of this style, and you can now see the white background has been added. If you close your eyes, you are sure to remember drinking Cheerwine out of this classic bottle.

Cheerwine introduced the “basket weave” bottle design in a couple of different styles. You can see the change over the years from the painted label glass bottles to the styrofoam labels. Below you can even see it later used on plastic bottles.

These two bottles above, sure bring back some great memories. I can still see these classic bottles on the shelf at the old “Quality Grocery” store. WOW…I sure do love that logo!

Here are a few more “basket weave” bottles from Cheerwine ‘s great past! The 3rd bottle is another paper label bottle using that famous red oval.

Cheerwine fans…is this not the greatest??? Cheerwine is everywhere!

Three cheers for Cheerwine!!!

It is so neat to look back and see Cheerwine’s growth over the years. If I make just one person smile or help someone remember some good childhood memories, then the time spent on this webpage is well worth it.