Best Hawaii Food And Drink

This kind of cuisine is highlighting the vast mixture of traditional ingredients from Hawaii, and different cooking styles. Their food is naturally cultivated, and it is abundant in their cooking. Tropical fruits like papaya, banana, mangoes, coconut, strawberries, and apples are consumed fresh, mostly during breakfast, and they are served with a juice of fresh limes on top.

Must try food:

People in Hawaii are mostly eating seafood and fish, which is very logical given they are an island. The most important meat in their culture is tuna. Popular is also a Pacific blue marlin, and their white broadbill swordfish is distributed all over the USA. We recommend you should try:

Plate lunch – you can order this in local restaurants, and it is a very popular dish. It has rice, usually two scoops, macaroni salad, and variety of different toppings.


Kālua Pork – this previous marinated meat is being cooked in an oven that is underground – imu. After it is fully prepared they shredded it and served it with cabbage that was previously steamed.

Malasada – this is a deep fried donut that doesn’t have a hole. It is sugar-coated.

Hawaiian Luau – this is a traditional feast full of, Lomi salmon, poke, haupia, kālua pig, poi, and beer.

You should drink:

To drink in Hawaii, you need to be at least 21. And because Hawaii is one of the states in America, tipping is the same as in other countries. Now, the drinks… They are consistent with cocktails full of tropical fruits. You can also find a variety of beer and wine, mostly because wine is produced in Maui. We recommend you should try:

Mai Tai – this drink has so many colors, and it is because of the white and dark rum. It also consists of the curaçao that is orange in its color, and it is full of fresh juice.

Tropical Itch – Here you get a shot of rum and bourbon. There is also lilikoi juice to sweeten your drink and a dark rum on top. This cocktail is created about 30 years ago by the same person that created Blue Hawaii.


Bahama – the beginning of a drink is same like Mai Tai, but then the alcohol is tempered with the pineapple and orange juices. On the finish, there is Kahlua that gives this drink smokiness that is sweet.

Coconut Mojito – the difference between regular and this mojito is that syrup is, in fact, coconut cream and rice distilled liquor.

Captain’s Demise – This funny drink is made of cranberry juice, sprite, and alcohol – blood orange vodka and spiced rum. It is for the adventurous.