Original Family Taste – Cheerwine

There are very few soft drink companies in the United States that can lay claim to have been owned and controlled by a single family – and still maintained a market share that would allow them to play with the market holders in big Cola.

However, there is one such company that has stubbornly held its market share and has captured the hearts of many lovers of canned and bottled beverages. That company is the one that manufactures Cheerwine.

This cherry flavored beverage has long been a favorite with American consumers and has literally stood the test of time.

Cheerwine History

CheerwineFirst bottled in 1917 the registered trademark only became a reality in 1926.

Since then this effervescent cherry flavored drink has become not only an American favorite but also something of an icon when it comes to how a family can go up against the power of big cola.

Although the Cheerwine marketing budget cannot allow it to complete with the larger producers of soda type drinks it has made some astute decisions as far as partnerships and product extensions are concerned.

The company has appealed to the public through a classic approach the bottling of its product. While other soda companies have gone the plastic route Cheerwine has released a classic product with the original logo and the classic glass bottle – and consumers have greeted the offering with increased sales.

The company has also partnered with other retail heavy hitters such as Krispy Creme in the United States to release a limited edition donuts based on their unique formulation of the soft drink.

The company did not stop there as far as product extensions were concerned. They also partnered with pother companies and began the release of other products that made the most of their unique brand image. The market was greeted by ice creams and sorbet products that leveraged that unique cherry flavored Cheerwine essence and it appears as if the public greeted those offerings with great joy.

However it did not stop there. Many restaurant chains are now offering Cheerwine as a fountain choice. This is not a niche choice for the American consumer anymore – this is a serious player in the soda market.

However, it remains to be seen if Cheerwine will be able to compete on a level playing field with companies like Coke and Pepsi who have much of the traditional retail market all but sown up.

But it appears that the company is not out of ideas. It continues to push the boundaries of what a soda company should be. In an effort to capture even more of the market for its products the company partnered with Sandy Carol Sider to issue a recipe book that leveraged what is the iconic status of its unique taste to appeal to the palettes of the American consumer.

Clearly this is a company that will continue to push the boundaries of what the family owned soft drink company can do – and push back against big Cola.

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