Cheerwine centenial

Cheerwine Celebrates 100 Years Today

It is hard to believe that Cheerwine has hit the hundred year mark since that fateful year that our grandparents were introduced for the first time to Cheerwine invented by LD Peeler.

It was invented while the world was deep into World War 1 (28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918). This alone shows the tenacity that LD Peeler showed by bringing to the market a soft drink while the world is low on sugar supplies and needed hope.

After the failure of Mint Cola due to the sugar crisis LD Peeler worked tirelessly to come up with a sugar substitute that he would use. His ingenuity gives credence to that old saying that: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

The original recipe has remained a closely guarded secret passed down from family member to family member.

The above video also demonstrates clearly that Cheerwine is a truly legendary soft drink that has grown up with our grandparents, their children and their children’s children. It has been part of all of our childhoods and gives you that familiar home taste and feeling of nostalgia.

Here is to Cheerwine and the Cheerwine family. Thank you for giving us a legendary Icon.

May the next 100 years be good to you too.

If you missed the information in the above video regarding the Cheerwine exhibition you can check out Rowan Museum

They have put together a great exhibition showing the most interesting years and growth points in Cheerwine’s amazing 100 year old history. Be sure to not waste time thinking about going as the exhibition may be up for a limited time celebrating the centennial year.